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Quick Action Accounting

In-Person – Fulltime Position

Quick Action Accounting and Business Solutions, LLC (QAA) offer a full spectrum of bookkeeping and accounting services from QuickBooks set up and clean up through financial statement production and budgeting. Our team’s mission is to provide expert accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services to business owners, giving them more information, time, and energy to focus on their bigger purpose.

Team Attributes & Virtues

The attributes and virtues of those who work here are a high sense of responsibility in serving our customers, excellence, and accuracy in our work, as well as enthusiasm and punctuality in our meetings and work schedules. Beyond this, we sustain a professional, courteous, and joyful attitude with one another while maintaining the empowerment woven into the fabric of how we treat each other.

Functional Duties and Responsibilities
  • General Setup and Accounting Systems:
  • Create, maintain and analyze QuickBooks company data. Understand the account and company setup steps and maintain expert knowledge of the QuickBooks application.
  • Create and maintain QuickBooks users, and set and maintain the appropriate access levels.
  • Export company file from the desktop version to QuickBooks online and verify data.
  • Export periodic backups of the QuickBooks Online company data when requested.
  • Establish, clean up, maintain chart of accounts and assign entries to proper accounts.
  • Develop, implement, modify, and document record keeping and accounting systems.
  • Create and maintain vendor records, including contact information, payment terms, and any other information required for 1099 reporting or for the client.
  • Create and maintain customer records including contact, delivery and payment information.
  • Create and maintain service and/or product list and inventory items for sale, including pricing, taxability, and inventory balances and re-order points, if applicable.
  • Customize the company invoice form and other forms, such as sales receipts and estimates.
  • Create and maintain employees including contact information, payroll salary or rate information, and related employment data, such as W-4s and other new hire paperwork.
  • Develop, maintain, and analyze budgets, preparing periodic reports that compare budgeted costs to actual costs.
  • Write checks and record expenses in QuickBooks.
  • Upon QAA Client approval or as part of established procedure, prepare and distribute invoices to their customers via email or mail.
  • If client uses point-of-sale application, import transactions into QuickBooks or record summary sales receipt to accurately track sales and record deposits.
  • Manage bills received from QAA Client’s vendors. Enter and pay bills in QuickBooks. Validate and receive approval to enter and pay bills received from vendors. If inventory is present, match source documents such as packing slips, purchase orders, and bills for payment process.
  • Receive inventory in QuickBooks or related application, if applicable. Match source documents (packing slips and purchase orders).
  • Create and maintain time tracking records, if applicable

Qualifications- All Training Provided through Apprenticeship Program

  • Attention to Detail – Job requires being careful about detail and thorough in completing tasks.
  • Integrity – Job requires consistency of actions, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes.
  • Dependability – Job requires having excellent attendance, being reliable, responsible, meeting client expectations and fulfilling obligations.
  • Analytical Thinking – Job requires analyzing information and using logic to address work-related issues and problems.
  • Collaboration – Job requires working together as a member of a team for a common purpose or benefit.   
  • Network – Ability and willingness to make connections and share QAA’s mission and services.
  • Mastery – Job requires establishing and maintaining personally challenging achievement goals and exerting effort toward mastering tasks.
  • Initiative – Job requires a willingness to personally take on responsibilities and challenges.
  • Professionalism – Service, and value will be provided to our customers in a respectful, sensitive, and confidential manner.  The job may require accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high-stress situations


Accountant Position
  • Time management – Job requires the ability to anticipate and manage a changing workflow, meet deadlines, and work under pressure.
  • Technology – Excellent knowledge of computers and the Internet is a plus. Work fluently with QuickBooks Online application and desktop software, Microsoft Office, Google email, browsers, Windows operating systems, and PCs.  Also, knowledge of general office procedures, such as copying and scanning.
  • Innovation – Demonstration of creativity in the form of continuous improvement to internal processes for QAA and QAA’s Clients.
Position Attributes

This position requires excellent time management, communications skills, and attention to detail. We will rely on the entire QAA Team to manage, develop and retain strong client relationships. We expect our associates to bring it every day––a positive attitude and the ability to lead and inspire others are a must. In return, we offer flexible work schedule, and you’ll also benefit from our competitive wage in this ground-floor position with a rapidly growing company. 

Strategic Thinker

Clients look to us to solve problems and make their lives easier. The bookkeeper must assess each client’s needs and make strategic recommendations to improve productivity and results. Data is continually gathered from multiple sources. Thus, attention to detail and outstanding organizational skills are essential. 

Work Location & Schedule

This position is on location at 415 12th Ave SE, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It is a part-time to full-time employee position.  Typically, hours are flexible 8am to 6 pm CST, Monday-Friday.  However, work locations and times are flexible (including occasional work remote, upon prior approval).  This position is measured on accomplishing core work, meeting deadlines and project tasks vs. hours clocked.  As needed, there may be work hours on evenings and weekends for emergency work, deadline driven work, special projects and to meet with clients on their availability.

Business Attire Policy

QAA has a casual dress code and expects employees to dress

appropriately in business attire of a casual nature. Our work environment for employees encourages employees to dress comfortably for work. Please do not wear anything that other employees or QAA Clients might find offensive or that might make coworkers uncomfortable.  This includes clothing with profane language statements or clothing that promotes causes that include, but are not limited to, politics, religion, sexuality, race, age, gender, and ethnicity.

Our goal is to provide a workplace environment that is comfortable and inclusive for all employees. We expect that your business attire, although casual, will exhibit common sense and professionalism.  Employees are expected to demonstrate good judgment and professional taste.  Courtesy towards coworkers and your professional image to QAA Clients are the factors you need to use to assess whether you are dressing in business attire that is appropriate.   

Accountant Level System 

Level 1 Accountant

Starting Wage: $15/hour

Must “Meet Standards” for 65% of performance metrics and become a Quick Books Online certified Pro advisor(Training provided) to move to level 2 Accountant


Level 3 Accountant

Starting Wage: $21/hour

Apprentice must have all performance metrics meet the “Superior” definition and is actively bringing in clients to the business  


Level 2 Accountant

Starting Wage: $18/hour

Must attain 90% of performance metrics are at “Meeting Standard” or above to move to level 3. 


Level 4 Accountant

Salary ~50k + Profit Sharing

By this point, the apprentice has mastered the art of accounting and has now begun helping train other upcoming rockstar accountants.


On-The-Job Learning Competencies


Accounting Practices 

  • Comprehend elements of the accounting cycle.
  • Evaluate, analyze and apply generally accepted accounting principles and concepts.
  • Classify and perform comparative analyses of financial statements.
  • Comprehend basic managerial accounting concepts and theory utilized by managerial

personnel in making business decisions.

  • Recognize the potential accounting issues involved in many common business transactions

and devise acceptable alternative solutions to them.


  • Identify problems and alternative solutions involving inventory control and depreciation of company assets.
  • Identify central issues and problems related to internal control.

Management Decisions 

  • Evaluate managerial decisions in relation to other possible courses of action.
  • Prepare well-labeled computations and schedules in support of managerial decisions and recommendations.
  • Articulate the authoritative basis for acceptable solutions to accounting problems.
  • Identify and analyze relevant costs for managerial decision making.

Financial Statements 

    • Explain the ten elements of business financial statements.
    • Construct acceptably-formatted financial statements
    • Explain the interrelationship among the four required financial statements.
    • Formulate criteria for proper classification and recording of manufacturing costs.

Cost Analysis 

  • Evaluate production systems to determine and apply proper costing system procedures for various types of manufacturers.
  • Analyze variances from standard costs and determine possible causes for variances.


  • Comprehend the federal tax law as applied to individuals and corporations.
  • Analyze tax accounting methods as applied to all businesses.
  • Prepare basic individual tax returns.
  • Recognize the essentials of tax planning.


Project-Based Learning

Each week you will be tasked with competency from the list on the left. You will then begin a self-guided journey to obtain mastery of your assigned competency. Don’t worry, we will be with you every step of the way. We have provided a framework for you to ask questions and document your learning process so we can fill any learning gaps you may have.

Each week after you have been assigned your competency you will send in your work for us to review together. The thing to keep in mind is this is not your traditional way of learning. You will be assessed on your ability to articulate that you understand a subject on what is called Webbs Depth of Knowledge Scale.  The greatest part of this type of learning is it is not sequential. You can learn and master this concept as fast as you want. 

Perks of the Job

Competitive Pay

Starting to Pay $15/hour and with a clear road map to earning $50k + PER year!

Flexible Schedule 

Our days vary and will always have a variety of tasks and challenges. You won’t be bored 


Quick Action Accounting is located in the Geonetric Building, in the historic Newbo area.  

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