How to Encourage Employees to Work For Your Business

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Wondering how to encourage employees to work for your business? We’re here to help.

Building a top level team of employees can be difficult, even more so now with our current workforce labor shortage. Companies across the country are hiring, and fighting for the same candidates, so what can employers do to increase their chances of hiring? Answer: build an employee value proposition!

Encourage Employees to Work for Your Business

An Employee Value Proposition, also known as an EVP. An EVP is, simply put, what a company can offer their employees as a reward for great work. In other words, an EVP tells both current employees and candidates why your company is special, and what makes it a place they would want to work at. EVPs are becoming increasingly more important because simply paying employees is not enough. Pay is not an employee value proposition. Including benefits, such as paid vacation, paid family leave, healthcare, allowing for a work-life balance, or career advancement opportunities are what catches the eye of a candidate.

You may be asking, why is an EVP important? Creating an EVP allows employees and candidates to get a read on your company before even stepping foot inside. Adding your completed EVP to job postings can improve the level of talent you receive in applications, keep your current and new employees at your company for longer, and save you money on the recruiting front. It can also help find candidates that align with your company’s values and goals. EVP’s also build a desired company culture, which in turn improves employee experience.

Building an EVP can seem scary at first! It can be overwhelming to look inward, but also to determine what potential employees are looking for in a company. Begin by asking your employees why they chose to work for your company. This will help you find the best parts of the company, and help you to realize what you’re already doing right! Take this information to decide what MORE you could be doing or offering to employees, and maybe consider asking employees themselves what would make working a better experience. With this, all that’s left to do is write it out! Add your EVP to job postings to offer a glimpse into your company.

Take a look at these examples for more inspiration!

  1. Nike. Nike’s big tagline is “Win as a team” featured in large font on their careers webpage. Nike offers fitness discounts, relocation benefits, competitive pay and retirement plans, along with many other perks. 
  2. Netflix. Netflix is loved by TV and movie connoisseurs and employees alike. Browsing through their culture page, it’s no surprise that candidates fight for a spot on their team!
  3. LinkedIn. LinkedIn offers many benefits for their employees, including health insurance, paid parental leave, and even donation matching.

Keep in mind that while these are very large companies, creating an EVP and a desirable work environment can easily be done in small businesses as well.

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