Start a Diesel Apprenticeship Program and Watch Your Business Grow!

We provide your business everything you need to start and grow your apprenticeship program.

Stop relying on a broken education system to find diesel mechanics.


The amount of high school graduates who cannot afford to attend college.


The number of students who drop out of college every year.


The amount of Americans who do not have any training beyond high school. 

Labor shortage exists. The supply of skilled labor does not.

Let's fix that.

Unlock your community’s hidden potential! Over half of your local population (about 52%) comprises hardworking individuals eager to join your company. Unfortunately, they lack the necessary skills and can’t afford part-time education while supporting their families and paying bills.

To address the skilled labor shortage, consider offering full-time positions with on-the-job training and online education. Traditional tuition reimbursement programs may not cater to this “non-traditional” job-seeking group, but by implementing a DieselU-powered apprenticeship program, you can tap into 100% of your community’s talent pool. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to access skilled workers right in your neighborhood, from the grocery store to the auto parts shop!

How DieselU Works

1. Attract

Custom-branded lead capture pages that attract and pre-qualify candidates.

2. Train

Industry-standard training aligned to on-the-job skills that drive meaningful results.

3. Retain

Automated training management and engagement strategies that retain your employees. 

What They Learn

Industries We Serve

Construction Equipment Industry

Diesel apprenticeships in the construction equipment industry offer hands-on training and mentorship for aspiring technicians to develop the skills necessary to maintain and repair diesel-powered machinery used in construction projects.

Agriculture Equipment Industry

Ag equipment industry diesel apprenticeships provide aspiring technicians with practical experience and guidance to acquire the specialized knowledge needed to service and repair diesel-powered agricultural machinery, contributing to the efficient operation of farms and agricultural operations.

Transportation and Diesel Repair​

Transportation and diesel repair apprenticeships offer comprehensive training and mentorship to individuals interested in becoming skilled technicians, empowering them with the expertise to maintain and fix diesel engines in various vehicles and transportation equipment, ensuring safe and reliable journeys on the road.

Benefits of DieselU

Up-Skill Existing Employees Into Higher ROI Positions

Every business has a base of individuals in entry-level positions who would like to advance into more skilled positions and make more money, but they lack the time and financial resources to use traditional education. DieselU provides a pathway to up-skill the employees you already have and backfill your entry-level employees. 

Hire Non-Traditional Job Seekers

DieselU gives your business the internal training tools necessary to make employment offers that don’t require a 2-year degree or 2 years of experience. Opening your business to 52% more candidates in your community.

Build Sustainable High School Talent Pipelines​

Since almost 40% of all high school graduates don’t go on to college, DieselU makes it easy for your business to partner with your local high schools and hire and train your future workforce before your competition.  

Are you ready to grow your workforce?