Graduating High School Soon? Say ‘YES’ to a Career in the Trades

Are you a student looking about to graduate from High School and don’t know your next step? Do you like working with your hands? Enjoy working on creative projects? A career in the trades might be just for you!

In Iowa, trades like carpentry and welding can be great career choices for high school students. Going into the trades is a great way to get started in a competitive, lucrative industry that offers various opportunities. With the right skills and qualifications, these jobs can provide long-term job security and stability.

Why say YES to a career in the trades?

For starters, people working in the trades require knowledge and skills that are more specific than a general degree. These workers need to know how to use specialized tools, interpret blueprints, and understand the principles of physics and engineering. As they gain experience over time, they can hone their skills even further by mastering new techniques and technologies or attending trade-specific classes.

Job security is also a key factor to consider when going into the trades. The demand for skilled tradespeople in Iowa is expected to remain high over the next decade, as industries become increasingly automated and technology-driven. This means that those with the necessary knowledge and skills can benefit from stable employment and job security.

For those interested in pursuing a career in the trades, there are several options available. Apprenticeships and certification programs are a great way to get started in Iowa’s trades industry. They provide hands-on training with experienced professionals, giving students the chance to ask questions and gain practical experience. Additionally, some trade schools now offer online or hybrid courses that combine distance learning with in-person instruction, allowing students to study and work at their own pace.

The trades could be a great option for you!

The trades can be a great career choice for high school students in Iowa. With the right skills, knowledge, and training, these jobs offer long-term job security and stability. Whether you’re interested in welding or carpentry, there are plenty of opportunities available and a variety of ways to get started. With the right preparation, the trades can be an excellent career choice for the future.

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